Curriculum Vitae

Studies and courses

2016 – present

  • Bachelor: Art and Education (DBKV), ArtEZ Zwolle, Netherlands
    I am currently enrolled in my sixth semester (third year) at ArtEZ.

2015 – 2016

  • Graphic Design, Spacial Design and Audiovisual Design, CIBAP Zwolle, Netherlands
    I have used a gap-year to explore the creative industry and have switched between multiple MBO studies (niveau 4). I did the first- and the second grade classes in the same year.

  • (Long) pre-study ‘Art and Design’, ArtEZ Zwolle, Netherlands
    I did an HBO pre-study on ArtEZ, exploring the creative industry.

2010 – 2015

  • High School: Carolus Clusius College, te Zwolle
    I have a HAVO diploma.

Work experience

2014 – present

  • Volunteer at ‘Vrije Evangelisatie Zwolle’ (VEZ), Netherlands
    Started as a sound-engineer, presently active as a worship-leader at the Youth Church of the VEZ(18-25 y.o.), band-leader to that same church. Also a worship-leader at ‘Huis van Gebed en Aanbidding’.
  • Employee at ‘Roscom Promoties‘ and ‘Ziggo’, Netherlands
    Part-time working on various locations in the Netherlands as a service employee for ‘Ziggo’, as a part for their promotion team, run by ‘Roscom Promoties‘. (2018-)

2018 – 2018

  • Employee at ‘Bookcafe Joy’, te Ommen, Netherlands
    I helped with the startup and opening (3rd of July) of the new company and have worked there as a designer and allround employee. Employee ‘Bookcafe Joy’, te mmen, Netherlands
  • I helped with the startup and opening (3rd of July) of the new company and have worked there as a designer and allround employee.

2016 – 2017

  • ‘Graphics and technical’ employee at Grafisch Proeflokaal Ommen’ (GPO), Netherlands
    Museum with working, nineteen century printing presses. Here I was designing, working with the machines, (also contemporary printing and pressing). I have also done some work inside the organisation itself (communication).

2014 – 2017

  • Volunteer at Crosspoint, te Ommen
    Here I was active in band-communication and PR.



  • Internship at Laurence Aëgerter, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Internship of five months, one day a week. Studying Laurence’s working methods, assisting in her needs, etc.


  • Community Art Project, commissioned by Cultuurplein Noord Veluwe, at Berkenoord 2 (Vaassen, Netherlands)
    A project of six months, where I and three other students researched the possibilities to make the inhabitants of a secluded, solitary neighbourhood have more contact with each other. This search for dialogue has been done in cooperation with Fiona Kelatw, the director of Theatre production DENGAR.
  • Internship at ‘Etty Hillesum Lyceum’ (Middle School), Deventer, Netherlands
    Internship of six months, two days a week. Independently giving classes to first, second and third grade HAVO pupils. Here I have learned to write (teacher-based, personal) syllabi and have experienced the organisation behind a school.


  • Internship at ‘Pius X’ Almelo (Middle/High School), Netherlands
    Internship of two weeks, where I experienced the school from a teacher-based perspective for the first time. I gave an individual lesson to a senior class HAVOVWO.


  • ‘Child and Art project’ Zwolle, Netherlands
    One-day project with primary-school children. I wrote a creative story with them and built the scenes from that story in life scale.

Other activities

26th of June – 31th of August 2018

  • Exhibition at ‘Stadsstrand Zwolle’, Netherlands
    Solo-exhibition in a contemporary-style cafe.

6th – 22th march 2018

  • Group-exhibition in the Monestary of the Dominican Order, Zwolle, Netherlands.
    I was part of a group-exhibition centered around the theme ‘silence’.

June 2018

  • Logo design for ‘Joy Bookcafe’

June 2017

  • Logo design for Jelte Bergwerff Photography